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Migration Excellentable 2.5.52 to 3.1.7

Step 1: Install 2.5.52 on the confluence 5.8.2

Upload the attached plugin file to install the excellentable plugin 2.5.52


Below are the other version of Excellentable 2.5.x.

Excellentable-2.5.14.obr Excellentable-2.5.50.obr 


Step 2: Create an Excellentable 

             You can refer to admin/xyzzyxyzzy

 Below is the attached screenshot of the created excellenatable.



Step3: Update the excellentalble plugin to 3.1.7 from marketplace.


Step 4: Perform Data Migration


Items listed below are not supported by the migration

  1. Formatting
  2. Link to web pages, or JIRA issue
  3. Rounding of values
  4. Macros inside Excellentable
  5. Images inside Excellentable
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