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FAQs - How to use Excellentable

Answers to all your questions

Using Formulas

Documentation and guidelines on formula usage

Help Topics

User Guide

User documentation and features

Installation and Configurations

Need help with your installation?

Version History

See our progress and older versions


Moving from an older version

Privacy Policy

Important information about how we handle your privacy

Excellentable Compatibility With Third Party Plugins

See all plugins that are compatible with Excellentable

Known bugs in Excellentable

See known issues and their workarounds

Support Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Our goal is that all our customers are completely satisfied with our products and any interactions with our team.

Excellentable Customer Agreement

Customer Agreement between you and Addteq

Feature Availability in Excellentable Cloud & Server

Differences in features between Cloud and Server versions of Excellentable


End-User License Agreement (EULA)

Security Advisories

Important security information

Excellentable Cloud

Information specific to the Excellentable app on Confluence Cloud

Excellentable Future Pricing

Pricing adjustments across Excellentable versions

Performance Reports

Previous Versions Server 4.10.1 Server 4.9.1 - V2 Server 4.9.1 - V1 Server

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