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Feature Availability in Excellentable Cloud & Server

Differences in features between Cloud and Server versions of Excellentable

Known issues (Excellentable Cloud)

  • Table formatting styles are not reflected in the PDF export of the Confluence page
  • Images inside Excellentable are not exported via the PDF export of the Confluence page

FeaturesExcellentable ServerExcellentable Cloud
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Search / Filter Table

Share Filtered Results (Search)

Export as XLSX

Export as CSV

Export as PDF

Export as HTML

Printing Confluence page containing Excellentable

Support for Page PDF export 

Full Screen mode

View Excel Sheet

Multi Sheet Navigation

Refresh Excellentable content after exiting Edit mode

Excellentable Settings

Edit Mode

Collaborative Editing

400 Formula

Table formatting 

Add Notes


Sorting / Filter



Multi Sheet Editing

Import XLSX and CSV

Export XLSX

Export CSV

Export PDF

Export HTML

Drag & Drop Import

Copy & Paste Formatting

Data Validation

Conditional Formatting

Sheet and Cell Protection

Support for Excellentable templates

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