What to do?

  • Automated performance score

    • This is something we could theoretically do that would be beneficial to the user.

    • Could possibly be automated to make things easier.

      • Would need research into that.

    • Probably pulling it into ghost inspector and then dropping the numbers appropriately into a page somewhere.

    • Performance Score of Lighthouse doesn’t really mean anything. Just use the other numbers.

    • A new page per release.

      • Links to older releases.

  • Do we do something with how we do things with Atlassian?

    • Not going to be able to do the report that Ramesh does. Way too expensive and time consuming and not that useful to the user.

  • Some other thing that I haven’t thought of?

  • How can we make this accurate but easy to keep updated and informative?

Steps to do

  1. Run ghost inspector tests

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