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FAQs - How to use Excellentable

  1. How to create a filter

  2. How to remove row header
  3. How to Merge and Unmerge Cells
  4. How to Report a Bug
  5. How to Suggest a Feature
  6. How to set background color
  7. How to change font color
  8. How to remove column header

  9. How to insert an image in table

  10. How to change font size

  11. How to change font type

  12. How to do cut, copy and paste

  13. How to add border

  14. How to freeze rows

  15. How to freeze columns
  16. How to Import a Spreadsheet
  17. How to Export a Spreadsheet
  18. How to share a filter

  19. How to Clear Cell Formatting
  20. How to Change Value to Currency
  21. How to Increase Decimal Points
  22. How to Decrease Decimal Points
  23. How to Use Inbuilt Templates
  24. How to remove column

  25. How to remove row

  26. How to insert row

  27. How to insert column

  28. How to Undo and Redo results

  29. How to add a note

  30. How to see Print Area 

  31. How to insert link

  32. How to clear formatting

  33. How to unfreeze pane

  34. How to increase and decrease Indent

  35. How to remove or set gridlines

  36. How to see Keyboard shortcuts

  37. How to see function list

  38. How to change percentage type

  39. How to group and ungroup

  40. How to sort

  41. How to Overflow, Wrap and Clip

  42. How to align data

  43. How to Bold, Italics, Underline and Strikethrough

  44. How to remove link

  45. How to format cell similar to another cell

  46. How to update or remove a note

  47. How to paste Formula only

  48. How to Sort range

  49. How to see previous versions

  50. How to restore previous versions

  51. How to delete the Excellentable macro

  52. How to multi-level data Search in View mode

  53. How to remove empty cells from View mode.

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