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Create new Excellentable

From Confluence Edit Mode:

  1. When creating a new page you will automatically be in edit mode.  For existing pages, type 'e' or click on the Edit button in Confluence
  2. Add the Excellentable macro.  This can be done in two ways:
    1. Use the shortcut ('{' for Server/DC, '/' for Cloud)
      1. Type { to bring up the macro list and select Excellentable
      2. If the list is too long you can start typing 'excellentable' to narrow the options
    2. Use the Insert more content option by clicking the + button:

      1. This will open a list of the most frequently used options.  If Excellentable is on the list you may select it there:
      2. If Excellentable is not an option then select Other Macros from the bottom of the list and typing 'excellentable' in the text field next to Help, selecting Excellentable from the results.
  3. The behavior of Excellentable depends on the version of Confluence that you are using.
    1. If you are using Confluence Cloud, Confluence 6.14 or later you will be prompted to select an Excellentable template:
      1. There are several pre-defined templates available.  Selecting one (any other than Blank) will load the template into the Excellentable editor window when the Insert button is clicked.
      2. Selecting Blank and clicking Insert will open a blank Excellentable spreadsheet.
    2. If using an earlier version of Confluence selecting Excellentable will immediately open the editor window:
  4. You can now use Excellentable as you see fit.  When you are ready to save your work you have two choices:  hit Ctrl-S or select Publish from the File menu.
  5. When you are ready to exit you have two options:
    1. Click the X at the upper right corner of the screen:
    2. Selct Close from the File menu:
  6. If you have unsaved changes you will be prompted to confirm your exit.
  7. On exit you will be back at the edit screen within Confluence.  You will not see your Excellentable sheet within the edit screen; rather you will see an icon
  8. When you publish your Confluence page and view it the Excellentable content will be rendered fully visible.

From Confluence View Mode:

This is only possible in Excellentable Server/Data Center and not available in Excellentable Cloud

  1. Select a table/text in the Existing Confluence documentation (Note: This selection shouldn't include any Macros)
  2. Click the Excelentable Icon. When the dialog box opens up, select "Create" to create the Excellentable
  3. Once created you can edit the excellentable directly from the Confluence view mode with the Excellentable edit button

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