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Definition of DELTA

Compare two numeric values, returning 1 if they're equal.

Sample Usage

DELTA(2, 1)


DELTA(B3, 2)


DELTA(number1, [number2])

  • number1 - the first number to compare.

  • number2 - [ OPTIONAL - 0 by default ] - the second number to compare.


  • If the second argument is not provided then number1 will be compared to zero.
  • A blank cell is treated the same as zero.
  • This function only compares numbers. To compare other types of values, use the EQ function.

See Also

EQ: Returns "TRUE" if two specified values are equal and "FALSE" otherwise. Equivalent to the "=" operator.

IF: Returns one value if a logical expression is `TRUE` and another if it is `FALSE`.

SUM: Returns the sum of a series of numbers and/or cells.

In order to use the DELTA formula, start with your edited Excellentable:


Then type in the DELTA Formula in the area you would like to display the outcome:

By adding the values you would like to calculate the DELTA formula for, Excellentable will generate the outcome:

Once saved, your completed formula will display in a confluence page like this. 


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Other possible outcomes for using the DELTA Formula:

Non-equal Numbers



Non-Numeric Value

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