Definition of ERROR.TYPE

Returns a number corresponding to the error value in a different cell.

Sample Usage





  • reference - The cell to find the error number for - you can also provide the error value directly.


  • ERROR.TYPE will return the following numbers for the corresponding error values:
    • 1 for #NULL!
    • 2 for #DIV/0!
    • 3 for #VALUE!
    • 4 for #REF!
    • 5 for #NAME?
    • 6 for #NUM!
    • 7 for #N/A
    • 8 for all other errors

See Also

ISNA: Checks whether a value is the error `#N/A`.

ISERROR: Checks whether a value is an error.

ISERR: Checks whether a value is an error other than `#N/A`.

In order to use the ERROR.TYPE formula, start with your edited Excellentable


Then type in the ERROR.TYPE Formula in the area you would like to display the outcome:

Type in the complete ERROR.TYPE formula for a cell as shown below:


Excellentable will generate the outcome when hitting enter. 


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