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Errors in Excellentable formula

These errors are displayed when a formula is entered incorrectly. Errors are shown for invalid entries or if Excellentable is unable to calculate.


Error display In Excellentable


This error is displayed when a formula includes a division by zero or when a formula uses a cell reference to a blank cell, or to a cell that contains zero, in the divisor.

Solution: Update the cell reference


This error is displayed when a value is not available to a function or formula. This error comes most commonly in search functions like Vlookup, Hlookup etc.

Solution: You can either search in the correct place, update the reference, or use IFERROR to mitigate this error. 


This error is displayed when text in a formula is not recognized or when the name of a function is misspelled, or when including text without using double quotation marks. This can also happen when you omit a colon (:) in a cell range reference.

Solution: Check if the formula exists and if it is correctly typed. Check all arguments in the function as well.


This displays when you specify an intersection of two areas that do not intersect. Possible causes include a mistyped reference operator or a mistyped cell reference.

Solution: Check and update the cell references.


This displays when a number in a formula or function can not be calculated, when a formula produces a number that is too large or too small to represent, or when using an unacceptable argument in a function that requires a number. If you are using a function that iterates, such as IRR or RATE, and the function cannot find a result, this value is displayed.

Solution: Check if your are not somehow calculating an impossible value, e.g. square root of a negative number or IRR with incorrect inputs.


This displays when a cell reference is not valid or when you deleted cells referred to by a formula.

Solution: Check the original reference of the cells in your version history, and update accordingly.


This displays when the wrong type of argument or operand is used, such as using text when the formula requires a number or a logical value, or using a range instead of a single value.

Solution: Check the arguments and update formulas to ignore the incorrect values. For e.g. use the function SUM which automatically ignores blanks instead of adding values with '+' operator.


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