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Fix for Excellentable crashing when entering edit mode


The Excellentable plugin versions & causes the user to not be able to enter the plugin edit mode. The screen is stuck on the loading screen when trying to enter edit mode. The user is being prevented from accessing the data and thus making any changes within the spreadsheet.   


The Excellentable is stuck on the loading screen, as shown below:  

The content of the source is in the console tab in developer tools: 

Steps to reproduce the issue 

  1. Install either Excellentable version or 
  2. Go to a Confluence page with an existing Excellentable. 
  3. Click on the pencil icon 

Expectation: The user should be able to enter the Excellentable edit mode with ease 

Actual: The user is stuck on the loading screen. 

Recommendation and resolution

The cause was due to both the Excellentable and plugins using the pako compression library. With both installed, Excellenatable uses the version hosted by Excellentable works properly when is disabled. The first recommendation is to disable

Another solution is to upgrade to the latest version in the marketplace. The issue is no longer present with this version installed with the plugin activated. In 4.3.0, the development team has updated this library. Due to the way webpack bundles the plugin in 4.3.0, we do not load pako globally so we should not face this issue in the future.

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