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Fix for inability to insert link

The Insert Link function is used to insert a browser url into Excellentable with the chance to give it a name. This way users are not seeing a long text that takes up multiple cells. General web browsers have no problem being inserted unlike browsers like the following:

When inserting a link using the 'Insert Link' feature, this will not execute if the url contains a period after the "?" in the url. Once the periods after the "?" were removed, then the url could be inserted.

The link will not generate, as shown below:

  1. Enter the Excellentable edit mode.
  2. Click on the Insert tab and then click on Insert Link.
  3. Fill in the text field.
  4. Copy the browser url that has a period after the "?".
  5. Paste the url into the Link field.
  6. Click on Ok.

Expected: The hyperlink should be created onto the selected cell with the given text. 

Actual: An error message is prompted.

The fix has been released with the Excellentable version 4.5.0. This version was released to the Atlassian marketplace on  .

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