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Fix for new unsaved changes dialog


A user working on an Excellentable might accidentally exit or close the edit mode without publishing the changes made. This is done at sudden without a message warning the user that the content won't be saved unless the user manually does so. We have implemented adding the pop-up warning message giving the user the option to continue exiting without saving or to cancel exiting. 


Users can exit the Excellentable edit mode without certainty if the edits were either discarded or saved. 

Step-by-step guide 

  1. Open up Excellentable in edit mode 

  2. Fill content in Excellentable 

  3. Do not save the Excellentable & exit the Excellentable 

Expected: A prompted warning message if the user exits without saving the edits will be discarded 

Actual: The user is able to exit the Excellentable without warning and certainty if the edits were discarded or saved 


This feature is already as part of Cloud. We added this to Server with the release of version   which is now available in the marketplace. Any latest release in the marketplace includes the fix.   

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