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Fix for uncompatibility with Flow board


The Excellentable v4.1.7 plugin appears to have a loading issue as it does not complete loading along as the third party plug-in Flowboard is enabled. The issue happens only when refined for confluence and flowboard are enabled together. 


The Excellentable will not finish loading once back in view mode, as seen below: 


Steps to reproduce the issue 

  1. Install Refined for Confluence 
  2. Set the global theme from Refined tab in Admin section 
  3. Install Flowboard
  4. Install Excellentable 
  5. Create an Excellentable
  6. Publish the spreadsheet and update the page 

Expectation: Excellentable should complete loading after a couple of seconds   

Actual: The Excellentable continues to load indefinitely  

Recommendation and resolution

Install Excellentable v4.2.1.1, released on  , in which Addteq addressed and fixed the loading issue. 

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