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Fix for when printing doesn't work in Microsoft Edge browser


If a user tries to print an Excellentable Table in Edge Browser (Microsoft Edge 44.18362.449.0), the preview remains blank and only a blank page is printed. This is not an issue with other browsers like Chrome. 


The preview screen is blank, as seen below. 

Step-by-step guide  

  1. Created the page with the Excellentable
  2. Updated with the data into it
  3. Select the View tab> print area from the excellentable
  4. Use keyboard keys Ctrl + P for print in the Microsoft browser
  5. The table is not visible in the preview mode - refer to the attached print screen.


Install Excellentable v4.2.1.1, released on  , or newer version in which Addteq addressed and fixed the printing issue. 

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