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Fix to correctly PDF export an Excellentable after UUID migration


The Excellentable v4.1.7 plugin causes the PDF export of a page with an Excellentable using the the template "Addteq Sales Book Global" to render the Excellentable with random characters.  This is the result of performing a UUID migration after upgrading from v4.1.7 to v4.2.1.  

There is a workaround you can perform to avoid this. This won't happen if you edit excellentable and click on the Excellentable macro to convert integer ID to UUID before exporting.  


The content in the PDF export is of the wrong Excellentable. 

Steps to reduce the issue 

  1. Create two Excellentables with version 4.1.7 using the provided template "Addteq Sales Book Global". 

  2. Upgrade to version 4.2.1. 

  3. Perform the UUID migration. |

  4. Go back to the page with the two Excellentables. 

  5. Scroll PDF export of the second Excellentable. 

Expectation: The PDF should show the contents of the second Excellentable. 

Actual: The PDF shows the content of the first Excellentable instead. 


Install Excellentable v4.2.1.1, released on  , in which Addteq addressed and fixed the Scroll PDF export issue. Upgrade to any of the latest release to be able to export an Excellentable after UUID migration. 

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