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Fixing non-admin users unable to use custom template


A user has created a global page template which contains an Excellentable macro inside. The macro contains a multi-tab spreadsheet template. Admins can use the template to create a page and can modify the macro without any issue. Non-admins (verified with several users) receive an error message. 


Non-HHS users are receiving the error message, as shown below:  

Steps to reproduce the issue 

  1. Sign in as an non-admin user 
  2. Create a new page using the global template
  3. Try to save the the new page 

Expected:  Non-admin users should be able to move forward with creating the page 

Actual: Error message is prompted 


The fix was provided in the released version This version is available in the the marketplace for download. A workaround was provided; save the page first before editing the Excellentable when creating a page using the global template. 

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