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Handy Macros for Confluence


  • Install the Handy Macro for Confluence from confluence administration.
  • Scroll all the way down to Handy Macros and select Settings
  • Create a Set name
  • Insert the 'Handy Status' Macro into the page. Wait for the prompt
  • Select an option from Set, then choose a status
  • Click on Insert
  • Update the page
  • Sign out and sign in as an non-admin user
  • Edit the same page
  • Insert the 'Handy Status' Macro. Wait for the prompt
  • When the page is in edit mode, check:
    → Whether both admin and non-admin users are able to select a set and 
    → There is no error message in the prompted window 


1) Creating set and statuses in Confluence administration settings 

2) Inserting the correct macro 

3) Handy Status Macros in edit mode 

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