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How to fix Confluence Workbox issue


The Excellentable v4.2.1.1 or v4.2.1 plugin causes the Confluence workbox to throw an error. The exception mentioned in the stack trace is IllegalArgumentException: Malformed \uxxxx encoding.

Expectation - Excellentable should not cause any cascading failures.


An error message appears instead of notifications in Confluence workbox screen, as shown below:

Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 10.03.35 AM.png

Steps to reproduce the issue

  1. Install OOTB Confluence 7.4.0
  2. Install Addon Excellentable v4.2.1.1 or v4.2.1 
  3. Create a page then add the Excellentable macro
  4. @mention users in the page or any actions that triage the workbox notification
  5. Click the workbox ( the notifications icon at the top of the page)

The  Atlassian Knowledge Base article was created by Atlassian explaining the impact of the issue.

Recommendation & resolution for customers

  • Install Excellentable v4.2.1.2, released on  , in which Addteq addressed and fixed the workbox issue.

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