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Returns the negative binomial distribution, the probability that there will be Number_f failures before the Number_s-th success, with Probability_s probability of a success.

This function is similar to the binomial distribution, except that the number of successes is fixed, and the number of trials is variable. Like the binomial, trials are assumed to be independent.

For example, you need to find 10 people with excellent reflexes, and you know the probability that a candidate has these qualifications is 0.3. NEGBINOM.DIST calculates the probability that you will interview a certain number of unqualified candidates before finding all 10 qualified candidates.

Sample Usage



The NEGBINOM.DIST function syntax has the following arguments:

  • Number_f     Required. The number of failures.

  • Number_s     Required. The threshold number of successes.

  • Probability_s     Required. The probability of a success.

  • Cumulative     Required. A logical value that determines the form of the function. If cumulative is TRUE, NEGBINOM.DIST returns the cumulative distribution function; if FALSE, it returns the probability density function.


  • Number_f and number_s are truncated to integers.

  • If any argument is nonnumeric, NEGBINOM.DIST returns the #VALUE! error value.

  • If probability_s < 0 or if probability > 1, NEGBINOM.DIST returns the #NUM! error value.

  • If number_f < 0 or number_s < 1, NEGBINOM.DIST returns the #NUM! error value.

  • The equation for the negative binomial distribution is:



    x is number_f, r is number_s, and p is probability_s.

In order to use the NEGBINOM.DIST formula, start with your edited Excellentable:

Then type in the NEGBINOM.DIST formula in the area you would like to display the outcome:

By adding the values you would like to calculate the NEGBINOM.DIST formula for, Excellentable will generate the outcome:



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