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Returns specified text repeated a number of times.

Sample Usage




REPT(text_to_repeat, number_of_repetitions)

  • text_to_repeat - The character or string to repeat.

  • number_of_repetitions - The number of times text_to_repeat should appear in the value returned.

    • The maximum number of repetitions is 100. If number_of_repetitions is greater than 100, REPT will only repeat the text 100 times.


  • REPT does not insert spaces between repetitions of text_to_repeat. If spaces are desired, a space must be appended to the end of the value of text_to_repeat. The resulting return value from REPT will have at least one trailing space, which may be removed with TRIM.

See Also

TRIM: Removes leading and trailing spaces in a specified string.

SUBSTITUTE: Replaces existing text with new text in a string.

SPLIT: Divides text around a specified character or string, and puts each fragment into a separate cell in the row.

In order to use the REPT formula, begin typing the formula in the area you would like to display the outcome: 







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