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Formats a number in Roman numerals.

Sample Usage




ROMAN(number, [rule_relaxation])

  • number - The number to format, between 1 and 3999, inclusive.

  • rule_relaxation - [ OPTIONAL - 0 by default ] - The degree to which traditional syntax rules may be relaxed, between0 and 4 inclusive.

    • 0 indicates strict precedence rules, where I may only precede V and XV may only precede XX may only precede Land CL may only precede C, and C may only precede D and M. Therefore ROMAN(499,0) is CDXCIX.

    • 1 indicates a relaxation where V may precede L and C and L may precede D and M. Therefore ROMAN(499,1) isLDVLIV.

    • 2 indicates a further relaxation where I may precede L and C, and X may precede D and M. ThereforeROMAN(499,2) is XDIX.

    • 3 indicates a further relaxation where V may precede D and M. Therefore ROMAN(499,3) is VDIV.

    • 4 indicates a further relaxation where I may precede D and M. Therefore ROMAN(499,4) is ID.

See Also

ARABIC: Computes the value of a Roman numeral.

In order to use the ROMAN formula, begin typing the formula in the area you would like to display the outcome: 






The style of roman numeral is set by the numeric value of the style argument:

Style valueRoman numeral style
0 or omittedClassic
1More concise
2More concise
3More concise

An error is returned if the number argument is negative.



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