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SQRTPI (multiple)


Returns the positive square root of a multiple of pi(p). 


  •  where the multiple argument is a positive numeric value, that you want to multiply by pi, before calculating the square root.

Note :

  • If the multiple provided is < 0, you get #NUM! error
  • If the multiple provided is non-numeric , you get #VALUE!


Step 1 : In order to use the SQRTPI formula, start with your edited Excellentable

Step 2 : Then type in the SQRTPI Formula in the area you would like to display the outcome:

Step 3 : Type in the complete SQRTPI formula for a cell as shown below:

Step 4 : Excellentable will generate the outcome when hitting enter. 



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Other possible outcomes for using the SQRTPI Formula:

  1. If the multiple argument is negative,

  2. If the multiple argument provided is non-numeric,



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