Calculates the inverse of the two-tailed TDIST function.

Sample Usage

T.INV.2T(0.35, 1)

T.INV.2T(A1, A2)


T.INV.2T(probability, degrees_freedom)

  • probability - The probability associated with the two-tailed t-distribution.

    • Must be greater than 0 and less than 1.

  • degrees_freedom - The number of degrees of freedom.

    • Truncated to an integer in the calculation if a non-integer is provided as an argument.

    • Must be greater than or equal to 1.


  • T.INV.2T is to be used for the inverse of two-tailed TDIST functions.

  • T.INV.2T is synonymous with TINV.

  • To calculate the negative inverse of the one-tailed TDIST function, use T.INV.

  • Both arguments to T.INV.2T must be numeric or a destination cell whose value is numeric.

See Also

TDIST: Calculates the probability for Student's t-distribution with a given input (x).

TINV: Calculates the inverse of the two-tailed TDIST function.

T.INV: Calculates the negative inverse of the one-tailed TDIST function.


In this example, T.INV.2T uses the probability associated with a Student's two-tailed t-distribution and degrees of freedom to return its result.

In order to use the T.INV.2T formula, start with your edited Excellentable:

Then type in the T.INV.2T Formula in the area you would like to display the outcome:

By adding the values you would like to calculate the T.INV.2T formula for, Excellentable will generate the outcome:



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