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End of Life for Older Versions of Excellentable

End of Life Date:  

You might have already heard that Excellentable is releasing a collaborative editing feature soon. This makes Excellentable the first and only app on the Atlassian Marketplace, to provide this functionality. We will also be adding all of the Excellentable server features to the cloud version, in the upcoming months.

With that, Addteq has decided to end the life of Excellentable Versions 2.5.52 and older, on the above date.  Doing this allows our engineers to focus on new features instead of keeping older versions up to date. We want to make sure we provide the best service for your spreadsheet needs!

Please find detailed information below explaining more about Excellentable's end of life.

Happy Spreadsheeting!

Versions Included in End of Life:

  • 1.0

  • 2.0

  • 2.0.1

  • 2.2
  • 2.3
  • 2.4
  • 2.5.14
  • 2.5.5
  • 2.5.52

Migration Information:

Migration is completely supported before the end of life date. For more information about migration please see our documentation page: Migration Excellentable 2.5.52 to 3.1.7.

Support Information:

  • Versions earlier than those listed above are also classified as being in End of Life status.
  • Addteq does not provide support for instances on versions that are End of Life. The only exception is for assistance related to upgrading from your EOL version to a supported version.
  • You can download the latest versions of our software in server version or cloud version.
  • You can access documentation for all versions of our products here .

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