Creating a chart is actually quite easy. With the following steps you'll be able to easily use Charts in your Excellentable.

Step 1

Log into your Confluence account that has the Excellentable application enabled.

Step 2

Open, or create, an Excellentable.

Step 3

Select the data you wish to turn into a chart.

Step 4

Open the "Insert" menu and select "Chart" from the options

Step 5

You will now be brought to the Chart creation view. 

Step 6

Select which chart type you wish to use. Chart options are Bar, Column, Pie, Area, Line, and Scatter charts. 

(Note: Depending on the Chart selected, the required data will be different

Bar, Column, Area, Line, and Scatter Chart View

Pie Chart View

Step 7

Either drag and drop or click the check mark next to the column options into the "Y-Axis" and "Series" fields (for Bar, Column, Area, Line, and Scatter Charts), or "Category" and "Series" fields (for Pie Charts). You can also add your own text to the "Y-Axis Label," "Series Label," or "Chart Title" if you so desire to label those areas. Leaving them blank is an option as well.

Step 8

Click Save at the top right of the chart view to save your chart. 

Step 9

The Chart is now on your Excellentable. Now just save the Excellentable and the chart will be available to view on the Confluence page.