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Excellentable Copy Paste

The following documentation is for Confluence Cloud users

Copying and pasting of the Excellentable macro across pages links the macros to the original Excellentable content. The macros would share the content of the Excellentable.


In order to edit a linked Excellentable macro, first export Excellentable as csv or xlsx and then import it into a newly created Excellentable while editing the page.

Excellentable can only be edited from the original page it was created in. Copied macros act as a link to the original Excellentable.

Editing Linked Content

When trying to edit a linked Excellentable, the following error message is displayed

Viewing Linked Content

During view mode in confluence, the linked Excellentable is visible only if the current user has view permission on the page which contains the original Excellentable.

If not the following error is displayed.

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