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How to downgrade Excellentable to a lower version

  • The downgrade has tested between Excellentable 4.0 and Excellentable versions. We suggest raising a support issue on questions concerning downgrade between other versions.

  • Click on See all Versions.  

  • Download the server version which you want to downgrade to. For example

  • Once you click on download, you should see the .obr file being downloaded. For example "Excellentable-"
  • Go to the Manage Apps in Confluence.  Enter the administrator credentials if asked

  • Click on Uninstall to remove the existing version of Excellentable   

  • Once the existing version is uninstalled, Click on upload app.

  • Click on Choose File and select the downloaded .obr file and Click on Upload


  • Check the version of the installed Excellentable   

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