This is not supported in Current 'Scroll PDF Exporter Version 4.0.0', as we are planning to fix in next release version

Steps to export an Excellentable to a PDF using K15T Scroll PDF plugin.

  1. Go to any Confluence page with an Excellentable. Stay in view mode.

  2. Exporting an Excellentable to a PDF using K15t Scroll PDF Exporter:
    1.  First, you will need to install Scroll PDF Exporter from the marketplace

    2. After installing Scroll PDF Exporter you will see a new option now available in the "Three Dot Button". 
    3. Click on the Export to PDF button.

    4. Now you will be able to download a PDF file with a preset template. Choose the template you wish to export, then click the Export button.


    5. You can see an example of the Downloaded PDF file here: Excellentable to pdf using Confluence.pdf