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How to reference a multi-worded cell in one sheet from another

The following steps are instructions on how to reference a multi-worded sheet name in Excellentable.  

Step-by-Step guide 

  1. Open the Excellentable in edit mode, go to any cell in Source sheet.

  2. In our example we are using "Brooklyn Roster" as the Source sheet and "2020 Starter" as destination sheet.

  3. Switch to the '2020 Starter' sheet. 

  4. If you want to refer A11 cell from Source sheet in destination sheet, go to that sheet select the cell you want to put value in. Enter the formula: ='SheetName'!CellAddress. Do not forget the single quotations i.e. ='Brooklyn Roster'!A11 

  5. After referring cell from Source sheet  to Destination sheet, value should be displayed in this cell. 

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