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How to find ID of an Excellentable in the Confluence page


How to find the ID of an Excellentable in the Confluence page


Navigate to the Confluence page where an Excellentable is residing in order to find the ID of an Excellentable.

Method 1.

  1. Open browser console and run below JavaScript code in it. It will print ID of the Excellentable

    jQuery(".eui-exc-container").map(function() {
        return jQuery(this).attr("excellentable-id");
    Output #1: "18"
    Explanation: This is the id of the Excellentable on the given page is 18.
    Output #2: "18,25,27,54"
    Explanation: These are different IDs of multiple Excellentables on the given page in the order they appear on the page

  2. This is how it appears in the browser.

    In this case the IDs of Excellentables residing on the given page are: 3636, 3638

Method 2.

  1. You can parse the html content of the Confluence page to find the Excellentable ID.
  2. Right click on the given Confluence page and click on "View Page Source" option.
  3. Look for the term "eui-exc-container" in the page source and you shall see the excellentable-id attribute on the Html Element focused in the search result.
    This how it appears when you search in the Page Source

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