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UUID migration process of Excellentable

What is UUID?

A UUID is a universally unique identifier, each Excellentable has been updated with a UUID. While the probability that a UUID will be duplicated is not zero, it is close enough to zero to be negligible. This update will give us the ability to add new features in the future such as the ability to migrate your Excellentable data between different Confluence servers as well as from a Confluence Server instance to a Confluence Cloud instance.

 Addteq doesn't recommend rollback from 4.2.3 to a previous release, if not done properly may lead DB corruption and cause potential loss of data. However, if customer wants to do it and are facing issues they may contact us at our support portal.

For Administrators: 

  1. It is mandatory to perform a Confluence database backup before beginning installation of Excellentable 4.2.3 version.
  2. If Excellentable Collaborative Editing is enabled, it is also recommended to perform the plugin upgrade during Confluence low usage time and  requires users to save their content before upgrading.
  3. The migration will start as soon as the Excellentable app installation is completed. Please refer here for an estimated time of migration.
  4. The status of the migration will be displayed on the Excellentable Configuration page as shown below. 
    The status would be shown as IN PROGRESS while the migration is running and will change to SUCCESS or FAILED based on the result of migration. Please follow the Mitigation steps in case of a failure

  5. Once the migration is successful, please use the "Migrate all templates" button for migrating all the global and space templates (if any) which were created before

  6. Please use the "Migrate all blog posts" button for migrating all the blogposts containing Excellentable (if any) which were created before

  7. (Optional) Run the "Migration Consistency Check" to get a list of pages that contain Excellentable and have to be migrated to update the page parameters. 

  8. (Optional) Click on "Migrate All Pages" to initiate the Page migration process

Known Issues

Pages created from templates(with integer Excellentable IDs) don't show up in migration consistency check listMaking changes to Excellentable affects the template it was created from
Exception observed while installing Excellentable in Confluence 6.X environment with Postgres DB

No resolution. Exception can be ignored.

Exception documented below:

ERROR: duplicate key value violates unique constraint "pg_type_typname_nsp_index"

In Confluence Datacenter environment , backend exception observed when page loads in view mode  

No Resolution. Exception can be ignored.

Exception documented below:

java.lang.IllegalStateException: Duplicate key 0 seen in logs

Migration consistency check returns pages migrated via lazy migrationNo Resolution required. 
Delay of 4-5 mins in triggering migration of 25K+ Excellentables in Confuence instance with MySQL database Performance improvement in progress
50K Excellentable migration failed on instances with SQL Server and Oracle DB  

50k Excellentable migration on MS-SQL and Oracle database will need available memory space of 20G.

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